In our factories, our design office works on demanding projects and develops new solutions every day.

personalized services

Using a customized stretch film solution will not only help you protect and enhance your products, but also provide useful instructions.


We can manufacture your customized films. Choose your dimensions, colors and thicknesses to secure different types of pallets.


Firmly committed to an eco-responsible manufacturing process, we offer technical films that limit the consumption of raw materials and generate up to three times less waste.

BS Packaging Iberia secures your pallet shipments

BSPI is a market leader with over 20 years' experience in film production.
Technical and standard stretch films for automatic or manual applications.

Our approach

Manufacturer of Cast and Blown technical films

Stretch film extrusion and converting

Film printing with water-based inks

Preferred partner for all packaging closure products

High-strength machine stretch film


film machine

Extremely high resistance: this film features an exclusive
technology offering increased resistance in the corners
of pallets and a resistance to perforation 2 times greater
than that of traditional machine film.

Environmentally-friendly: UNIX® dispenses 50% less than standard stretch film
It therefore generates half as much waste.

Economical: Its 6µ thickness means you can fit twice as much film on the same mandrel.

Lightweight: The reel is also lighter thanks to the film's thinness
and, above all, to the reduced weight of the
mandrel, which drops from an average of 1.5 kg for standard
films to 600 g for UNIX®. This makes reel changeover
much easier, and reduces the risk of RSI!

Manual stretch film thickness reduction


manual film

High performance: SolidX® film features
exclusive technology: increased resistance
in pallet corners and puncture resistance
more than 3 times that of standard manual film.
SolidX® combines high-tech with virtually zero tear propagation.

Ecological: SolidX® film requires 50% less removal
than standard stretch film. It therefore generates 2 times
less waste.

Comfort of use: Its flexibility provides
users with greater comfort of use than standard stretch film,
helping to reduce the rate of RSI
(musculoskeletal disorders).

Frequently asked questions

All our films are manufactured in our Spanish subsidiary in the province of Valladolid.

We are able to treat all our films against UV rays to protect your goods.

Many of our customers opt for printing to identify their pallets and promote their brands. The minimum production run for printed film is one pallet.

BSPI is part of the Bulteau dévelopement group, with a strong international presence.
Our shipments outside Spain account for over 80% of our annual sales.

Protecting the environment has always been at the heart of our development. That's why our production waste has always been reintegrated into our processes.

In line with this same environmental approach, our plant specializes in the manufacture of highly technical, ultra-thin films to reduce stretch film consumption.

Another of our plant's capabilities is to offer films containing at least 30% recycled materials in most of its references.

The third axis is the use of plant-derived raw materials.

Yes, we are able to produce film from plant-based materials.

Ask our experts to define your needs.

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