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BSPI is part of the Bulteau Développement group, which owns several packaging manufacturing plants and companies specializing in their distribution.

We guarantee our customers the traceability and quality of the products we sell. With our dual role as manufacturer and distributor, we manufacture the products our customers really need.


  • 1985: creation of Bulteau Systems
    Bertrand Bulteau founded Bulteau Systems in 1985 in northern France, specializing in the distribution of industrial packaging. Building on this success, he duplicated the model in several regions and rapidly became a national player, leader in the pallet stretch film market. In 1987, he set up the company's head office in Arnas, in the Rhône Alpes region.
  • 2002: internationalization of the
    group Through the internal development of the group's companies, Bulteau Développement went international, opening subsidiaries in Europe and Asia: first in Germany, Belgium and Spain, then in Hong Kong, China and Bangladesh.
  • 2004: acquisition of Sunsteel
    Bulteau Développement acquires Avignon-based Sunsteel, a specialist in metal cutting and perforating tools. Sunsteel employees Alain Truc and Hervé Camps are appointed Chairman and CEO respectively.
  • 2010: creation of the industrial production and packaging division
    Bulteau Développement acquires a factory in Spain, giving it full control of the production chain for part of the Bulteau Systems range, enabling it to offer its customers technical, customizable and innovative products. This was followed by the acquisitions of Ribeyron, Mupa and Corpal.
  • 2013: acquisition of a stake in Haxoneo
    Bulteau Développement decides to support two young entrepreneurs, Nicolas Paquet and Rémi Lefebvre, in their desire to develop Haxonéo, a company specializing in purchasing for SMEs.
    Bulteau Développement enables this young company to pursue its objectives and benefit from shared services, gas pedals of success.
  • 2014: creation of the cardboard division
    Bulteau Développement acquires three cardboard converting companies from the Gondardennes group: Cartonnages Vaillant, Cartonnages Duthoit and Cartonnages du Roannais. In 2015, Turquet Bos will also be acquired. This new role strengthens the company's presence in the packaging sector.
  • 2018: Acquisition of GP Adhesif
    Merger with AREO to create AREO GP, market leader in packaging and protection for the construction sector.
  • 2021: acquisition of Charlier Brison
    Specializing in food-grade paper converting.
  • 2021: acquisition of Certis
    Specializing in industrial fastening and shipping packaging, the CERTIS Group offers a wide range of packaging equipment, machinery and consumables.
  • 2021: acquisition of Corint Sud
    Specialized in the manufacture of honeycomb cardboard.

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