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BSPI is a factory that extrudes, converts and distributes palletizing stretch films.

Our aim is to recommend the film that's right for you, and to put our expertise at your service. 

Whatever your use, we guarantee the best ratio between quality and residual thickness, backed up by tests.

In the beginning, there's a granule...

To ensure the quality and performance of our products, our pellets are selected with the utmost rigor from our suppliers.

Palletizing stretch films come in a variety of materials:

  • The least noble yet most widespread materials are butene (virgin or recycled) and hexene.
  • The most noble materials are metallocene , which increases tear and puncture resistance, and octene , which increases elongation capacity.

The more noble material you add to your film, the better, thinner and more resistant your film will be. 

We work on state-of-the-art extrusion lines and in close partnership with leading producers of metallocene granules. Our production facilities enable us to offer you films from our exclusive ranges, or to manufacture them to your specifications.

This unique approach is increasingly sought after by the market, since in addition to the advantages it offers in terms of safety and budget optimization, it is also part of an eco-responsible approach.

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A broad, customizable offering

Our know-how enables us to offer our customers a wide choice of stretch film alternatives.

  • Customer application: manual use, use on brake or pre-stretch wrapper.
  • Thicknesses: from standard films in all thicknesses, to highly technical, ultra-thin patented 6µ films, UNIX (awarded the "Trophées de l'innovation" in 2020).
  • Extrusion technology: films manufactured using CAST and BLOWN technologies.
  • Dimensions: Different film widths, lengths, thicknesses and colors according to customer requirements.
  • Printable: most and up to 2 colors.
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A daily commitment to eco-responsibility

Reducing the carbon footprint and maximizing the mechanical performance of our products is rooted in BSPI's DNA.

For several years now, we have been developing technical films that deliver unrivalled performance while reducing upstream consumption of raw materials and downstream production of waste.

Since 2020, we have been working in partnership with recycling companies to incorporate post-consumer plastic waste into our films to reduce reliance on fossil resources.

For years, our production offcuts have been reintegrated into our extrusion process.

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