Innovation & technology

The economic stakes are becoming ever higher: ever more attentive consumers, increasingly stringent product regulations and greater competitiveness between different companies.

Innovation, technology and research are assets that set us apart from the strong competition in our sector.

A high-performance laboratory

Bulteau Systems Packaging Iberia must rise to the challenge, which is why we have a product quality control laboratory at our plant, as well as a second integrated laboratory at our head office (Arnas).

Our integrated laboratories: major assets

Our quality control laboratories, located at the factory and at our head office, are made up of :


  • The Dart Impact Tester measures film perforation (by dropping darts of different weights). This ensures that the film does not perforate despite the impact).
  • A pre-stretch banding machine to test products on the machine and check their resistance.
  • A variable pre-stretch banding machine to control plastic film stretching or pre-stretching.
  • The tensile tester/dynamometer measures load and elongation at break of plastic film or adhesive, with optional tack measurement on stretch film.
  • The micrometer calculates the thickness of the plastic film (on a precise point).
  • A 40*40cm template plate is used to calculate the thickness of a plastic film over its entire surface by weighing/pressing.
  • The cylindrical inspection jig tool is used to check the diameter of a mandrel on a roll of plastic film.
  • A plastometer measures the fluidity of raw materials.
  • A densimeter measures the density of raw materials. 
  • A cylindrical gauge tool for checking the diameter of the mandrel on a roll of plastic film.
  • A ball TAK that calculates the adhesive strength of a tape or glue.
innovation and technology laboratory
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High-performance production machines

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Increasingly high-quality products

BSPI has been awarded the Trophées de l'innovation 2019 prize for the thinnest film on the market: Unix, the first film with a thickness of 6µ. The product is produced directly from the extrusion line.

We improve the technical characteristics of printed products.

To date, we are the only company to offer water-based printing, and we anticipate our customers' demands for ever more eco-responsible products.

We have developed water-based solutions for printing machines that replace the use of solvents, which are subject to stringent regulations because they are flammable, toxic and bad for the environment. The use of water-based inks enables us to secure our production equipment.

Innovation at the heart of respect for the environment

Our production is resolutely oriented towards technical products with low environmental impact. We use the PCR - Pre consumer recycled - technique (i.e. we reuse plastic film off-cuts when manufacturing our films).

blown extrusion line

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recycling lines

winding lines
printing lines
cast extrusion lines

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